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A month in Denmark seen through the eyes of an Italian insect enthusiast

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Last month was a busy one for the insect start-ups in Denmark. It was the season for food festivals and food conferences and since edible insects are the hottest subject on the food scene right now, we were all fully booked.

Among the many guests at both conferences and foodfestivals was Massimo Reverberi . Massimo is  chairman  of AFFIA (The Asean Food and Feed Insect Association) and founder of Bugsolutely, a company that makes cricket pasta. He had a pretty full schedule too. Speaking at both the Technolotical Institute in Aarhus and at the food conference, “Innovative Food” and just before leaving he found time to participate in the TechBBQ festival promoting his delicious cricket pasta.
Insects as food is definitely coming to stay in Denmark. There are several seroius start-ups selling insectbased products and a scientific innovation project, InValuable with the vision of creating  a sustainable resource-efficient industry for animal protein production based on mealworms. Denmark is therefore the place to be if you are interested in edible insects.

Below you can read about Massimos trip to Denmark:

Denmark, eating bugs gets serious here

21 bites

The culinary adventure of eating insects


My first bug was an ant. I was attending a talk and tasting about edible insects and after hearing about all the benefits of eating bugs, I was now going to taste two different kinds of ants and a mealworm. I have always been a curious eater and a foodie, but this was quite a challenge even for me and I held the little ant between my fingers for ages, before I gathered the courage to put it in my mouth and chew. I was expecting a nasty taste, but instead a refined taste of orange peel, was what I experienced. Next challenge was the mealworm. It had the taste of fresh hazelnuts.

I was sold – and decided on the spot to explore the world of edible insects.  That was in Copenhagen back in 2014 and also the beginning of my blog, Buglady.dk, which is my Danish blog about edible insects. But it is in Danish and about the Danish start-ups and projects and since the “Bug movement” is invading all of Europe I have now decided to start a blog about edible insects in English.

Here you will find all sorts of information and inspiration about insects. From where to buy them, to how to cook them and what to be aware of.

Enjoy 🙂